Friday, February 26, 2010

Some more updates

Plastering is currently in progress. Upstairs is completely plastered. Downstairs is almost plastered with a few rooms needing skirting. They have also started washing the bricks from outside and its coming up really well. All the cement and dirt marks have disappeared.
The bulkhead in the laundry has not been reduced but I measured the height from the floor to the bulkhead and it should fit a top loader machine plus dryer so I will leave the bulkhead as it is.
Missing - the niche in the study is missing and the wall has been plastered, will have to advise supervisor.
Found out what the plaster board in the wet areas is blue compared to white everywhere else - waterproofing.
Scaffolding is still up as a few bricks and roof tiles still need to be done.

Master bedroom photo:

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