Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The following has been completed:
* Ground floor is completely bricked
* Electrical cables and data cables have been laid throughout the house
* Plumbing works completed
* The guy to install ducted vacuum was onsite today to install the ducts. There will be 3points downstairs plus the dust pan, 2 points upstairs and the unit in the garage will also have a point which will be handy to vacuum the cars or garage.

Ducted vacuum ducts for the ground floor go up to the second floor and then into the garage where the unit is. Only if the house is on stumps, the ducts can go under the floor on ground floor.

* Scaffolding will go up tomorrow
* Brickies will be back on Fri and will complete the top storey by late next week or early week after.
* Carpenters will be in later in the week to straighten all the frames, add more nails to provide strength to the frame, install the remaining doors and windows.
* It is expected the house will be in lockup stage in a couple of weeks.

* The pillar on the alfresco is sitting about an inch out of the slab. Supervisor advised that they will pour concrete underneath.
* The window in the stairwell is missing in the frame. Spoke to supervisor and they will put that in. The window has been delivered but not sure how they managed to omit it in the frame.
* Speaker cables have not been installed along with the electric cables. The electricians may not have yet competed the work, they were here yesterday so they may be coming back today. Either way the supervisor will follow up.

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